In the world of creativity, there are moments that stand out as truly exceptional.When our client, Morgan Madison, approached us with the idea to develop a conceptand to produce a commercial including stills for Henrik Lundqvist's “Next Chapter” fragrance, we were immediately captivated.

Hero video:

Henrik is known not only for his remarkable career in hockey but also for his commitment to charities and his deep affection for his family. 

We found our inspiration in Henrik's life journey, embracing both the intensity of the ice rink and the warmth of family moments to truly capture his diverse personality.

This also effectively highlights the contrast between the two distinct products. 

Our commercial is more than just an advertisement; it's the story of Henrik Lundqvist's evolution. With every scene, we take you on a sensory journey, captivating your senses with the essence of his experiences.

The twist showcased Henrik's talent and highlighted his wonderful personality. 

The catch idea reveals who he is, who he was, and the fact that real talent never fades, no matter where your journey leads.