Kokobäng is a comedy series on SVT Barn. The series is produced by Oscar Arleon, who also plays one of the roles and writes the shows's music. Oskar has a past with us at Deep and that is how we came to be part of the production of Kokobäng.

Kokobäng - Ananas - Music video:

The show is a joint production between Deep and Oscars production company Rafflande where Deep is responsible for photography, light, sound and all of the post production.

Kokobäng - Chulabräng - Music video:
Kokobäng is one of Sweden's most watched children's programs and it was awarded the Swedish Humor Prize in 2021 and was also nominated for a Kristallen award the same year.

The songs from the show also took on a life of their own on Spotify with millions of streams. Have a listen here.

Kokobäng - Ingen Surf - Music video: