Klädesholmen makes a very Swedish food, pickled herring. A traditional food that is enjoyed during the Swedish midsummer celebration (and around Christmas and Easter). Klädesholmen shares its company name with the geographic place of the old fishing village Klädesholmen, first mentioned in print in 1594. Even so, they have just recently started promoting their own brand.

Klädesholmen - Grundlagen :
The competition on the market is basically one company with a very dominant brand, built on showing images of families enjoying Swedish summer and staying away from showing the product (the appetite appeal is a bit of a challenge). So we had to do something different. We set our focus to the product and the making of high quality pickled herring. Honest, straightforward, with heritage and craft at the centre. Giving this delicacy the attention it deserves. Making it look as great a product as it is.
In-Store Marketing :
This was the first ever brand campaign for Klädesholmen. Through TVC, ads on shopping carts, radio and social media the brand made its premier journey to consumers, resulting in a well-documented brand awareness, strong liking and desire to buy.Klädesholmen - Imagefilm :