Boxon is a company making and selling boxes, labels, logistics machines and other packaging related stuff. Or as they put it themselves: “We are an innovative business partner that turns the packaging concept into a strategic value creator.”

The company has mainly grown through acquisitions resulting in a global presence and an extensive portfolio of products and services. With growth like that it’s easy to lose track of the company’s purpose and core. And it also becomes a challenge to communicate the actual offer. We were tasked with just that and to express it in a clear and powerful way. We came up with the phrase "Protector of things" and based the communication on that concept.

Boxon - Protector of things:
To their surprise we also introduced a little girl named Olga. Her character is like that of the company. Or rather the one that the employees at Boxon represent. She is smart, curious, meticulous and she thinks exactly right when it comes to packaging logistics.

This is Boxon:

Olga also represents a new way of communicating Boxon's offer on the market. She’s taken on the role of "The protector of things" and has become very popular. Internally as well as externally.

Boxon - Business areas: