TSI (Tidiga Samordnade Insatser = Early Coordinated Efforts) is a national project funded by the Swedish Government. It’s aimed at helping kids that have a hard time in school or at home but where the issues aren’t severe enough to fall under any public jurisdiction.

To target these kids the TSI initiative is organizing and funding projects where schools, healthcare and social services try different ways of cooperating to reach these kids early. An important mission, but a bit hard to comprehend.
The goal was to explain the project idea and create engagement. The target audience were people working in schools, healthcare and social workers. And parents. So, pretty much… people.There was no media budget, but we figured that the message would be relevant to most people, so if we could tap into everybody’s own emotional experience from school and childhood we would be able to generate organic spread. Our solution was an animated video where a poetic voiceover talks about different problems, big and small, in a deliberately vague way, letting the viewer fill in the blanks and decide the details based on their own childhood experiences.
Socialstyrelsen - Samordnade insatser:
The video reached more than 500 000 viewers (organically), and the engagement went through the roof with more than 65.000 likes, shares and comments, making it the most viral SoMe post of all Swedish Government agencies in 2019. The National Board of Health and Welfare even celebrated the success by having cake.