Wihlborgs is one of the Öresund region's largest real estate companies. One of the properties they own is Helsingborg C, and it was in connection with a major redevelopment of the property that they asked us for help with concept and communication for a restaurant floor. The name of the project was (and is) Kitchen Floor.

Kitchen Floor - Launch Video:

The goal was to raise interest for this new place with several different restaurants, establish the collective name Kitchen Floor and point out the location Helsingborg C.

Kitchen Floor - Marketing Material:

We launched the communication with the concept of 2 rooms and 5 kitchens. To begin with, we produced messages inside Helsingborg C, where approximately 40,000 people pass daily. With time and the closer we got to the opening date, we communicated more widely with ads in radio, daily press, social media and billboards.

Kitchen Floor - Website:

Then came the COVID-19-pandemic and the premiere date was changed a couple of times, but today Kitchen Floor is established as a popular meeting place for dinners, lunches, after work and hanging out with friends.