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Svenska Kyrkan

Covid made the annual Lucia celebration a bit of a conundrum for the church of Helsingborg. Usually the celebration takes place all over the city where the biggest and most popular one is in the central Maria church. Now we needed to make the celebration available in another way.

Our solution was an ambitious script involving over 300 choir members and as many church buildings as possible. Since choir singing was under restriction we had all singers record them selfs at home with guidance from us. We also got most members in to a sound studio to record high quality audio. We then combined that footage with video from the different church buildings and added some other story elements to make the production a bit more cost and time efficient. We also managed to get som live action performance all the while meeting restrictions.

The total production time from script to delivery was tight, so we really hauled ass on this one. All hands on deck, a couple of all nighters and super helpful client organization made it all happen.

And it was all worth it once we got to see the reactions from the audience. Making this one of those productions we keep close to our hearts.

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